28/01/21 - 10am-12pm
Are you and your team experiencing 
Zoom fatigue?
This two hour session provides tips and tools to reduce your zoom meetings by 50%, freeing up hours in your working day.
What is a hybrid team?
Why hybrid teams can be beneficial to your organisation?
What is required from the organisation to make hybrid teams a success?
Bonus: is it for us: What to consider when considering a hybrid team?
About Your Host
Lorna Watkinson
I’m also passionate about using creativity to overcome challenges and I use pottery painting as a tool in my workshops. You don’t need to see pottery painting as art or requiring artistic ability: it’s a vehicle for facilitating creative thinking to overcome challenges, with the added benefit of being a rewarding and absorbing activity for everyone. It’s an ideal way to relax your mind and energise your thinking.

Combining my corporate experience with pottery painting means Vibrant Thinking offers a unique way to empower teams and transform the workplace
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